Nephrology is the adult and Pediatric study of the kidneys and its diseases. The nephrologist deals with the diagnosis and management of kidney disease.

Nihira Clinic offers high-quality care and is well-versed in treating all medical disorders caused by kidney-related illnesses such as uncontrolled hypertension, diabetic-related kidney issues, renal failure, nephrotic syndromes, and peritoneal dialysis.

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One of Hyderabad's most recognised nephrologists is Dr. B. Saikanth Kumar, MD in Internal Madicine, DM in Nephrology from Gandhi Hospitals. He has a Doctorate of Medicine in Nephrology from Gandhi Hospital and has more than 12 Years experience post MD. He specialises in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy, Nephrectomy, Kidney Dialysis, and Kidney Transplantation.
About Me

About Me

Dr. B Saikanth Kumar, MD in Internal Medicine, DM in Nephrology from Gandhi Hospitals has 12+ Years of experience post MD and 7+ Years experience post DM.
Memberships and Honorary

Memberships and Honorary

ISN ( Indian Society of Nephrology ),
ISOT (Indian Society of Organ Transplant),
ASN (American Society of Nephrology)
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